Legal Updates

Lenders Beware: Engineers May Have a Superior Priority Lien

By: Chad E. Bernards Idaho’s Supreme Court has recently answered a long-standing question in Idaho regarding the priority of an engineer’s lien under Idaho Code section 45-506.  In Hap Taylor & Sons, Inc. v. Summerwind Partners, LLC, WL 5861063(2014), the Court held that under 45-506, an engineer’s lien relates back to the date the engineer […]

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Employee or Independent Contractor

Most successful small business owners are at some point confronted with the decision whether to hire additional help.  Though the prospect of adding to a company’s human resources can be an exciting step in the growth of a business, it should be accompanied by a number of important considerations.  One of these is whether the […]

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Trademarks Can Snare the Unwary

Marketing people will tell you that a name means everything.  Just ask Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Microsoft or Nike. It is the name that sells the products.  If you think about it, there is probably nothing that they cannot sell.  Nike diapers?  Companies such as these didn’t gain that recognition overnight.  But the fact remains, the company […]

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